Hamid Drake Discography
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(alphabetical by leader)

AALY/DKV Trio - Double or Nothing
Aesop Quartet - Fables For A New Millenium
Akron/Family - Meek Warrior
Albert, Jeff - The Tree on the Mound
Allen, Marshall et al - The All-Star Game
Anderson, Fred - Another Place
Anderson, Fred - Birdhouse
Anderson, Fred - Dark Day + Live in Verona
Anderson, Fred - The Missing Link
Anderson, Fred - The Milwaukee Tapes Vol. 1
Anderson, Fred - Live at the Velvet Lounge
Anderson, Fred et al - Live at the Velvet Lounge
Anderson, Fred 4tet - Live at the Velvet Lounge v.2
Anderson, Fred - On The Run
Anderson, Fred - Timeless: Live at the Velvet Lounge
Anderson/Crispell/Drake - Destiny
Anderson, Fred/DKV Trio - Fred Anderson/DKV Trio
Anderson/Jordan/Parker/Drake - 2 Days in April
Anderson/Drake - Back Together Again
Anderson/Drake - From the River to the Ocean
Anderson/Parker/Drake - Blue Winter
Angeli/Drake - Uotha
Baars/Bennink/Drake/Vandermark - [live at Empty Bottle]
Beans - Only
Beger/Parker/Drake - Evolving Silence Vol. 1
Beger/Parker/Drake - Evolving Silence Vol. 2
Bergman, Borah - Reflections on Ornette Coleman and the Stone House
Bin Hassan, Umar - To The Last
Bishop, Jeb - Birthday Concerts!
Bishop, Jeb - 98 Duets
Bjorkenheim/Parker/Drake - DMG @ The Stone Vol. 2
Brötzmann Chicago Tentet - Broken English
Brötzmann Chicago Octet/Tentet - The Chicago Octet/Tentet
Brötzmann Chicago Tentet - Images
Brötzmann Chicago Tentet - Short Visit To Nowhere
Brötzmann Chicago Tentet - Signs
Brötzmann Chicago Tentet - Stone/Water
Brötzmann/Die Like a Dog - Aoyama Crows
Brötzmann/Die Like a Dog - Close Up
Brötzmann/Die Like a Dog - From Valley to Valley
Brötzmann/Die Like a Dog - Little Birds Have Fast Hearts No. 1
Brötzmann/Die Like a Dog - Little Birds Have Fast Hearts No. 2
Brötzmann/Drake - Brötzmann/Drake
Brötzmann/Drake - The Dried Rat- Dog
Brötzmann/Drake - Solid and Spirit
Brötzmann/Kessler/Drake - Live at the Empty Bottle
Brötzmann/Gania/Drake - The "WELS" Concert
Brötzmann/Kondo/Parker/Drake - Die Like A Dog
Brötzmann/Parker/Drake - Never Too Late But Always Too Early
Brown, Rob - The Big Picture
Budbill/Drake/Parker - Songs for a Suffering World
Campbell, Roy - Ethnic Stew and Brew
Charged - Charged Live
Cheah Dorian - ARA
Chicago Trio - Velvet Songs
Circulasione Totale Orchestra - Bandwidth
Cool Runnings Orchestra - Tribute to Bob Marley
Corbett, John - I'm Sick About My Hat
Crispell/Brötzmann/Drake - Hyperion
Dawkins, Ernest - Misconceptions of a Delusion Shades of a Charade
Dawkins, Ernest - Un-till Emmett Till
Deyhim, Sussan - Shy Angels
DKV Trio - Baraka
DKV Trio - Live
DKV Trio - Live in Wels & Chicago, 1998
DKV Trio - Trigonometry
Domancich/Parker/Drake - Washed Away
Domino Quartet - Radio 3 Sessions
Dorge / Becker / Carlsen - La Luna
Dorge, Pierre - Johnny Lives
Dorge, Pierre - Live in Chicago
Doyle/Drake - Your Spirit is Calling
Drake, Hamid - Bindu
Drake, Hamid - Blissful
Drake, Hamid - Reggaeology
Drake/Brötzmann/Hopkins - The Atlanta Concert
Drake/Gahnold/Parker - The Last Dances
Drake/Gustafsson - For Don Cherry
Drake/Mateen - Brothers Together
Drake/McPhee - Emancipation Proclamation
Drake/Tsahar - Live at Glenn Miller Café
Drake/Tsahar - Soul Bodies vol. 1
Drake/Zerang - Ask The Sun
Dresch/Gilchrist/Szandai/Drake - Sharing the Shed
Dunmall, Paul - Blown Away
Dunmall, Paul - Love, Warmth and Compassion
Dunmall, Paul - Peace and Joy
Echoes Quintet - Echoes
Ewart, Douglas - Velvet Fire
Fasteau, Kali Z - Vivid
Fields, Scott - Dénouement
Fields, Scott - Five Frozen Eggs
Flippomusic Globaljazz - Tendrils of Light
Gigi - Gigi
Gigi - Mesgana Ethiopia
Gilchrist/Drake - Duets: Live at the Vision Festival 2006
Gill, Nelson - Friends
Gjerstad, Frode - In Chicago - The Other Side
Gjerstad, Frode - On Reade Street
Gjerstad, Frode - Remember To Forget
Gjerstad, Frode - Ultima
Graewe, Georg - Melodie und Rhythmus
Graewe/Kessler/Drake - For Trio
Gratkowski/Drake - Gratkowski/Drake
Grimes, Henry - Live at the Kerava Jazz Festival
Hakmoun, Hassan - Life Around the World
Hancock, Herbie - Sound- System
Hancock/Suso - Jazz Africa
Haque, Fareed - Opaque
Hu Vibrational - Beautiful Bonghee Music 2
Hu Vibrational - Boonghee Music 1
Hu Vibrational - Universal Mother
Indigo Trio - Anaya
Indigo Trio & Edelin - The Ethiopian Princess...
Indigo Trio - Live in Montreal
Inji - Collusion With Wonder
Innarella/Parker/Drake - Live in the Ghetto
Is What?! - You Figure It Out...
Jordan/Parker/Drake - Palm of Soul
Kowald, Peter - Off the Road / Chicago Improvisations
Liguori, Gaetano - L'Anima Di Un Uomo
Lonberg-Holm, Fred - Two Lightboxes
Mandingo/Suso - Watto Sitta
Mandingo Griot Society - Mandingo Griot Society
Mandingo Griot Society - Mighty Rhythm
Mengelberg, Misha - Two Days In Chicago
Mitchell, Nicole - Vision Quest
Moondoc, Jemeel - Live at Glenn Miller Cafe v.1
Moondoc/Parker - New World Pygmies v.2
Morris/DKV Trio - Deep Telling
Murray, David - Gwotet
Murray, David - Live in Berlin
Murray, David - Waltz Again
Namtchylak/Parker/Drake - Sainkho Namtchylak [DVD]
N'Diaye Abdoulaye - Taoué
Nomo - Ghost Rock
Organic Grooves [Parker/Drake] - Black Cherry
Other Dimensions in Music - In Paris: Live at the Sunset 2006
PainKiller - 50th Birthday Celebration, Vol. 12
Parker/Brötzmann - The Bishop's Move
Parker, William - Alphaville Suite
Parker, William - and William Danced
Parker, William - Corn Meal Dance
Parker, William - Double Sunrise Over Neptune
Parker, William - Essence of Ellington
Parker, William - The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield
Parker, William -I Plan to Stay a Believer
Parker, William - O'Neal's Porch
Parker, William - Painter's Spring
Parker, William - Petit Oiseau
Parker, William - Raining On The Moon
Parker, William - Scrapbook
Parker, William - Sound Unity
Parker/Bauer/Drake - Tender Exploration
Parker/Drake - First Communion
Parker/Drake - Piercing the Veil
Parker/Drake - Summer Snow
Parker/Morris/Drake - Eloping With The Sun
Pepper, Jim - Comin' and Goin'
Perry, Lee Scratch - Rise Again
Petit/Pierrepont- Passages - A Road Record
Pierrepont/Ladd - Maison Hantee
Ragin, Hugh - Revelation
Rothenberg, David - Nobody Could Explain It
Rudolph, Adam - Contemplations
Rudolph, Adam - Dream Garden
Rudolph, Adam - 12 Arrows
Sakata, Akira - Fisherman's.com
Sacred System - Nagual Site
Sanders, Pharoah - Message From Home
Sanders/Rudolph/Drake - Spirits
Schweizer/Anderson/Drake - Willisau & Taktlos
Shepp, Archie - Phat Jam in Milano
Singer, Hal - Challenge
Skopelitis, Nicky - Ekstasis Live
Somma - Somma
Somma - 23 Wheels of Dharma
Spaceways Inc. - Thirteen Cosmic Standards
Spaceways Inc. - Version Soul
Studer/Drake/Zerang - Drummin' Chicago
Swell, Steve - Swimming in a Galaxy...
Thompson, Malachi - Freebop Now!
Tóth, Viktor - Climbing With Mountains
Tóth, Viktor - Tartim
Tsahar/Cooper-Moore/Drake - Lost Brother
Tsahar/Ragin/Kowald/Drake - Open Systems
Vandermark, Ken - Standards
Vandermark, Ken - Utility Hitter
Wagner, Rob - Rob Wagner Trio
Ware, David S. - Live in the World
Wobble/Laswell - Radioaxiom
Yakuza - Transmutations
Yamamoto, Eri - Duologue
Zu/Spaceways Inc. - Radiale
various [comp] - African Chill
various [comp] - Chicago Jazz Tour
various [comp] - Ethnic 2000 vol. 2
various [comp] - Long Story Short
various [comp] - New Africa vol. 2
various artists - Vision Fest/Vision Live