FIVE COMPOSITIONS (1976-1978): Comp. 64-68
A collection of five compositions for the creative instrumentalist that utilize extended construction with improvisation. This material is designed for many different interpretational context possibilities. For any performance duration and instrumentation

Comp. 64

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Extended structure for any two single-line wind instrumentalists or multi-instrumentalists. Medium/medium fast pulse.

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Comp. 65

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Extended structure for E flat soprano and trombone (or SB). Medium pulse.

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Comp. 66

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Composition for 1 B flat instrument, SB, and percussion to be utilized as a vehicle for extended solo postulation. Medium pulse.

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Comp. 67

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Seven note repetition motif to be utilized as a pivot figure for improvisation.

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Comp. 68

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Medium fast structure for any saxophone, SB, and percussion. For extended open improvisation.